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Early on in my JavaScript journey, I loved the flexibility the language offered. What’s not to love? JavaScript provided for a super easy programming experience, in which I was allowed to do whatever I wanted with absolutely no push back. Love that.

That is, I loved that until I started…

Write better unit tests

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Note: This article assumes a basic understanding of Jest and the React Testing Library. If you are not familiar with the general testing structure of React, I recommend starting with this series.

Mocking is a core tenet of unit-testing a React application. It is a key tool for following RTL’s…

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In the process of building a user interface, handling unexpected behaviors is equally important to handling expected behaviors. Even with all of the testing in the world, someone, somewhere, will (accidentally) figure out how to break your app. Even the most reliable network will, at some point, fail.

While it…

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Modern code would be largely untenable without inheritance, which “allows programmers to create classes that are built upon existing classes”. It is a cornerstone of object-oriented programming. While React in many ways leverages traditional object-oriented practices, JSX and its overall structure create divergences from traditional composition. …

And how to think about the world as a newly minted engineer

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There is no magic sequence of steps to getting a job. I have no singular secret to guarantee an offer. I have, however, spent ample time both assessing this very question during my own job search and reflecting on it after the fact.

My LinkedIn inbox is consistently pinged with…

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